Hotel Booking
& Vacation Rental Marketplace

Beta testing launch of Madcoin Tourist services platform

We’ve Built A Platform To Buy And Sell Tourist Services.

Madcoin is a decentralized open source bookings ecosystem for renting hotel rooms, private properties or accommodation

Total Coin:

55,000,000 MDC

Algo: x11

Block Time: 120 s

Reward : 10 MDC

Collateral: 10,000

Stake Age: 24 H

Type: MN/POS

Block Size: 3MB

MN Reward: 60%

SuperFastInstantSend integration

SecurePOS and Masternode network protects transactions

AnonymousUsing darksend

Block RewardsDifficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave

MasternodesMasternodes help keep integrity of network

Low costblockchains reduce transaction fees

Transparencyblockchains are publicly viewable by all parties

Pseudonymityany wallet addresses is random characters

FasterBlockchain reduce transaction times to minutes

High qualityBlockchain data is complete and widely available

The aim of the project

our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use marketplace based on private blockchain.It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration. At the end, Our aims to integrate all tourism companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make travel truly easy, transparent, and reliable.

Why Use Madcoin ?

Madcoin was built on the blockchain technology, clients spend tokens to pay for travel and tourism related services such as booking airline ticket, making reservations and accessing other related services.


  1. September 28 2017

    Start of the Madcoin Project.

  2. December 17 2017

    Madcoin swap V1

  3. December 31 2017

    madcoin listed at coinmarketcap

  4. January 16 2018

    Madcoin listed at cryptobridge

  5. January 17 2018

    madcoin listed at Bisq v0.6.3

  6. May 2018

    Madcoin Fork V3

  7. July 2018

    Work For More Exchange listing

  8. September 2018

    Madcoin Mobile Application.

  9. January 2019

    Ecommerce plugins for travel websites

  10. March 2019

    Beta testing launch of Madcoin Tourist services platform. Referral program launch.

  11. December 2019

    holding conferences for our partners and advertisers. Inviting new partners, new community members and advertisers.


Okri Marouane

Founder Technology Officer

Alain Groleau



community manager

Mateusz Kowalski

comunity manager