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PoS and Masternodes

The network is secured through Staking. While using incentivized Masternodes for services such as Instant transactions and Governance. Each one requiring 2500 MDC as collateral. They receive 90% block rewards rewards. 20% going to stakers.


Keep your payments private so nobody can track you thanks to Darksend.


Advanced scrypt hashing to protect blockchain network


Algorithm : Scrypt

Block time : 120 seconds

Total Coin Supply : 3 942 000 (PoW)

Last PoW Block : 525600 (After 2 Years)

Block Reward : 10 MDC 1st year | 5 MDC 2nd year

Proof Of Stakes: 180% masternode, 20% coin stake [total 200%] (1st year) | 90% masternode, 10% coin stake [total 100%] (2nd year) | 45% masternode, 5% coin stake [total 50%] (thereafter)

Minimum Stake Age: 8 Hours

Transaction Confirmation: 10 Blocks

Difficulty Retarget: 10 Minutes

Masternode requirement :2,500 MDC

Masternode reward : 90% stake reward

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Frequently asked questions

While stakers are rewarded for providing security to the Madcoin blockchain, Masternodes are rewarded for validating and serving the blockchain. Also providing services, such as instant transactions, privacy and governance..

The budget and masternode governance system allows anyone to submit proposals to operators of masternodes, they in turn can vote yes or no. Those who get a majority yes vote are given funding to further improve the Madcoin ecosytem..

You need 2500 MDC as collateral to set up a masternode.

Staking by holding your coins in the wallet will be eligible after 8 hours. Only 1> MDC is required to stake, but it’s random and when a large amount of MDC is being staked you need more coins to have a better chance of receiving a reward.

Download the Masternode guide for linux :

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